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  • 1. When is it time to ask help from a sleep specialist?

    It is time to seek help from a sleep doctor when you’ve had this problem related to sleeping and staying awake during the day for at least a month. It is very important to get evaluated first before starting treatments.

  • 2. Are these services covered by insurance?

    Yes they are. Medicare and most private insurance plans cover sleep lab office visits, studies and other services. You can call us at 866-439-7533 regarding your insurance plan to check with our representative.

  • 3. Do I need referral?
    Yes, but not always, please call us and we will help you based on ur insurance
  • 4. What to expect the night of sleep test?

    Ask your doctor what meds you should be taking that day and if you are advised to take sleeping pill for the night of sleep test, you should take sleeping pill after you arrive to sleep lab.

  • 5. What if I have many more questions?

    You can call our office at 866-439-7533 for immediate assistance. Our representative will be more than happy to assist you.

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